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La mente narrativa. I fondamenti simulativi della comprensione e produzione del discorso

(The Narrative Mind. The role of mental simulation in discourse processes),

CORISCO, Roma, 2012.


Review of Ines Adornetti in APhEx 01/2014, p. 9.  

La testa tra le nuvole. Il linguaggio tra realtà e immaginazione

(Mind Wandering. Language between reality and imagination),

Aracne, Roma, 2012.

Il tempo della mente. Linguaggio, evoluzione e identità personale

(Mind’s Time. Language, evolution and personal identity),

Quodlibet, Macerata, 2008.

Edited books and Journal issues

Cosentino, E. (Ed.) (2012), Un conto aperto. Il neoculturalismo dopo la svolta cognitiva. Proceedings of the XVIII National Conference of the Society of Philosophy of Language (Reckoning with culture. Neoculturalism after the cognitive turn). Rivista Italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio, May 2012. [PDF]


Cosentino, E., Rossi M.G. (Eds.) (2011). Mente, linguaggio, evoluzione (Mind, Language, Evolution. Proceedings of the CODISCO 2010). Atti del IV Convegno 2010 del CODISCO, Coordinamento dei Dottorati italiani di Scienze Cognitive, CORISCO, Roma. [PDF]


Cosentino, E., Vazzano, S. (Eds.) (2007). I segni del soggetto. Tra Filosofia e scienze cognitive (Self’s signs. Between Philosophy and Cognitive Science). Carocci, Roma. [Link to Publisher's Homepage]



List of selected journal articles and book chapters

Reuter, K., Werning, M., Kuchinke, L. & Cosentino, E. (accepted). Reading Words Hurts: The impact of pain sensitivity on people’s ratings of pain-related words. Language and Cognition.


Cosentino, E. (2016). Affordances in language. On the role of motor information in the meaning of nouns. RSL Italian Journal of Cognitive Sciences, 5, 9, 135-150.


Cosentino, E., Baggio, G., Kontinen, J., and Werning, M. (submitted). Using a funnel to hang a coat: An EEG study of context effects on affordances and telicity in the meaning of nouns..


Cosentino, E., Werning, M., and Reuter, K. (2015). Reading Words Hurts: The impact of pain sensitivity on people’s ratings of pain-related words. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.


Cosentino, E., Ferretti, F. (2015). Cognitive foundations of the narrative self. Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia e Psicologia, 6(2), doi: 10.4453/rifp.2015.xxxx.


Cosentino, E. (2014). Embodied pragmatics and the evolution of language. Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies, 27, 61-78. [PDF]


Cosentino, E., Baggio, G., Kontinen, J., Garwels, T., and Werning, M. (2014). Lexicon in action: N400 effect on affordances and telicity. In P. Bello et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 36th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society, pp. 2079-84. [PDF]


Cosentino, E., Ferretti, F. (2014). Communication as navigation. A new role for consciousness in language. Topoi, 33, 1, pp. 263-274. [PDF]


Cosentino E., Adornetti I., Ferretti F. (2013). Processing Narrative Coherence: Towards a top-down model of discourse. Open Access Series in Informatics (OASICS). Special Issue “2013 Workshop on Computational Models of Narrative”, 32, pp. 61–75. [PDF]


Ferretti, F., Adornetti, I., Cosentino, E., Marini, A. (2013). Keeping the route and speaking coherently: the hidden link between spatial navigation and discourse processing. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 26(2), 327-334. [PDF]


Ferretti, F., Cosentino, E. (2013). Time, Language and Flexibility of the Mind. The role of MTT in Linguistic Comprehension and Production. Philosophical Psychology, 26 (1), 24-46. [Link to Journal]


Cosentino, E. (2012). Language and consciousness. The role of Mental Time Travel in discourse processing. In: P.Graziani, L. Guzzardi & M.Sangoi (Eds.), Open Problems in Philosophy of Sciences, College Publications (SILFS series), pp. 127-138.


Cosentino, E. (2011). Self in time and language. Consciousness and Cognition, 20(3), 777-83. [PDF]

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